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Extractive Industry

With over 40 years of experience in quarries and mines, PRECIA MOLEN offers its expertise in weighing, dosing and production monitoring in the extractive industry.

Advantages of our weighing solutions in the extractive industry :

  • Supervise ingoing and outgoing flows on your production sites
  • Follow the production of each site in real time
  • Control your production remotely
  • Conduct loading and unloading operations for road, river or rail transportation
  • Get a real time preview of your operation, production and energy performance
  • Monitor your potential gains in real time

Most quarries use static or continuous weighing systems to control the quality of the mineral products they make and manage ingoing and outgoing flows of materials or finished products they deliver to their customers.

As a long-established Weighbridge manufacturer, Precia Molen harnesses its deep knowledge of the aggregates industry to constantly develop and widen its range of weighing products for the primary industry. It includes belt scales, on-board weighing systems, feed gates, weighing conveyors and management software.

Control your production remotely with our multi-site mobile application Weigh2Flow which displays the flow rates of your belt scales on your phone to let you monitor your production and organize any required action remotely, wherever you are.

Analyze, control and improve the performance of your production sites with our PERFORMANCE software.

Extractive industry : mining and quarries weighing solutions

Computerized flow management (software)

truckflow  Weighbridges and input/output management software: Truckflow


Blending line software: Datablend


PERFORMANCE  Quarries performance analysis software

Production and storage in quarries

FX - Twin belt scales  Single station belt scale



belt weigher TAB  Multistation belt scale



laboratory scales  Qualitative analysis: laboratory scales



MDG discharge gate  Blending line: discharge gate and associated controllers and software


Loading and expedition


MDG discharge gate  Dosing gate



Volumetric weight-based belt extractor VBE / WBE  Belt volume extractor



belt scales  Belt weighing



FX - Twin belt scales  Single station belt scale



belt weigher TAB  Multistation belt scales



conveyors continuous weighing  Conveyors belt

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