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Weighbridge & In/Out weighing management software – TRUCKFLOW

PRECIA MOLEN has developed a user-friendly and efficient weighing management software application to facilitate the daily operator’s work with intuitive weigh data entries.
This application offers input/output management by a differentiation of material reception/sending.


Managing the road traffic around the weighbridge often requires installing barriers and two-colour traffic lights. TRUCKFLOW offers electronic monitoring of this equipment, thus avoiding the use of heavy and limiting manual operating panels. TRUCKFLOW also offers a photo making and storing function, prior to and after weighing.


All transactions are stored as database, enabling the administrator to edit daily, monthly or yearly detailed reports that can be listed in 3 hierarchy levels..
Moreover, TRUCKFLOW integrates an access right management function for each user who can customise screens according to their preferences and retrieve these settings every time they use the application.

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Use application

The TRUCKFLOW software application covers all industrial fields that require vehicle weighing such as waste management, carriers, gas and chemical industries, logistics, etc.


The power of TRUCKFLOW


  • Multi-operator software with user preference storage.
  • Multilingual software, selection of the language at every user’s connection or during use.
  • Access rights with various functions according to the level connection configured by your site administrator, e.g. (non exhaustive): weighing operator, advanced weighing operator, administrator, supervisor.
  • Simple weighing, dual weighing, tared weighing, load weighing, unload weighing, weighing for national police force uses.
  • When weighing, all information can be entered on any of the site stations (multi-station application).
  • The information to enter depends on the type of activity (reception/sending) and the type of weighing (input/output) according to the site administrator’s configuration that is freely modifiable
  • Weight coherence check prior to the validation of the weigh.
  • Selection of weighbridge for weight entry according to its typology (input or output) and vehicle presence on weighbridge function…

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