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Waste management

Whether you manage a waste recycling depot, a transfer point, a waste sorting center, an incineration or biomass installation, a sewage treatment plant or even a composting platform, we have the solution for the collection and processing of your waste.

Advantages of our weighing solutions for waste management:

  • Oversee the entry of waste on your site
  • Organize the waste processing flows
  • Control outgoing flow of materials bound for waste storage or waste recycling centers
  • Monitor the efficiency of your processes

Precia Molen offers a wide range of hardware solutions integrating ingoing and outgoing flow management on your site, as well as software tools to monitor the efficiency and profitability of your structures  Whatever the type and size of your structure, our solutions are adapted to your needs, at each stage of your process.

Manage and quantify waste collections as soon as they arrive on your site thanks to our vehicle weighing solutions and our site entry and exit control terminals specific to your business. These control devices save you time by allowing drivers to perform weighing operations after being automatically identified.

Use Truckflow, our SCADA system for weighbridges, also available as a mobile version, which allows you to monitor entries and exits without having to move for each weigh operation. You can also choose to weigh containers on weighing platforms for smaller inputs.

environment waste management

Our AC425 access control terminal, combined with Truckflow, allows you to manage site entries and exits more simply.

Precia Molen offers a whole range of belt scales and belt conveyors for your weighing operations during transfers of material for transport or storage. All the data from these scales can be consulted at any time via our Weigh2Flow smartphone application.

Looking for a complete turnkey solution for access control at your waste collection center?

Our partner TRADIM has designed the ECOCITO solution to meet all the technical and functional requirements for computerized waste management, especially for managing an extensive network of waste collection centers. In this case, it integrates our AC425 access control terminal.


From installation to maintenance, our teams are with you!

Collection and receipt of material flow


  • Management of collection rounds or direct waste collection

platform scale environment  Entry of materials: container weighing / volumetric estimations, industrial platforms


Site access control  Site access control: driver terminals, barriers, weighing management software.

Access control AC425 access control range


Weighbridges-range  Vehicle weighing: weighbridge. weighing terminals, Truckflow software, barriers.

Computerized flow management (software)

truckflow  Consultation and download weighings via internet: Truckflow.

Waste sorting and treatment

FX - Twin belt scalesBelt scales



belt scale with conveyor BT  Belt conveyors – Flow controllers

Control and shipping of outgoing material

Weighing and control at the exit of materials towards recycling channels (compost, pressing units …) or the ultimate waste storage centers

  Driver terminalsin/out softwaresweighbridges – radioactivity detection


belt scale with conveyor BT  belt conveyors

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