Precia molen Continuous weighing controllers Weight indicator i40 BS for continuous weighing

Weight indicator i40 BS for continuous weighing

The i40 BS weight indicator is designed to measure the flow rates of any bulk product, without capacity limit. It integrates a weight measuring card and an acquisition card of the belt or screw conveyor speed.
Different housing versions allow installing the indicator on a table top, a panel mounting or a DIN rail mounting.

It has a backlit display unit allowing displaying the following selectable information:

  • On the 7-segment 25 mm high main line:

– flow rate with selectable measuring unit: kg/h, kg/s, t/h or lb/h.

– weight per meter with selectable measuring unit: kg/m or lb/m.

– belt speed with selectable measuring unit: m/s, m/min, ft/s or rpm.

  • The overall or partial summation with selectable measuring unit on the 10-segment 8mm high secondary line: kg, t or lb.

When necessary, this second line alternately displays the summation and a message depending on the operation in progress. The i40 BS weight indicator can also favourably replace some existing electronics.

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