Precia molen Automatic Bulk Scales Retro-Fit Automatic Bulk Scale System

Retro-Fit Automatic Bulk Scale System

Direct replacement for a common dual 10, single 15 or single 25-bushel mechanical dump scale.

Certified, legal-for-trade weights during load-out.

The Precia Molen Automatic Bulk Scale includes:

  • Air operated feed gate, with inlet grate, transition and support frame

  • Weigh Hopper

    • 10 ga. carbon steel construction

    • load cells

    • Overfill limit switch

    • flanged discharge

  • Weigh hopper mounting frame

  • Upper Garner with support structure

  • Vent hood for dust control connection

  • Air operated weigh gate,

  • All electrical components at the weigh hopper (solenoid valves, limit switches, etc.) are 24V DC.

  • Air control panel with junction box

  • I 410 ABS Control System

  • Programmed tape printer in dust-tight printer enclosure

  • Interconnecting cable

  • Precia Molen On-site installation assistance/operator training


Utilizes our I 410 Indicator with ABS Software

  • With our I 410 indicator you simply select the commodity and target weight then hit start. All from the ground level.

  • The ABS Software offers the ability to:

    • Quickly and easily adjust to different products and flow.

    • Record the results of operations in a PC-compatible file for use in advanced processing.

    • Schedule a sequence of operations automatically E.g.: sequencing of one operation per rail car using data from the North American Railcar database

    • Remote control via an industrial field bus.

The software also offers 4 levels of access that provides effective security for the operation of the application by preventing access by unauthorized operators.

The other products in the range

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